Frequently asked questions

What is primary care?

Direct Primary Care or DPC is an innovative approach to healthcare intended to restore patient-provider relationships. For a flat fee membership, patients partner directly with their provider for their healthcare services.

How does direct primary care differ from traditional primary care? 

By working outside your insurance company for your care, your DPC provider can offer a higher level of service fostered by a direct relationship with you, their patient.

whay are the benefits of DPC?

DPC’s smaller patient groups allows you to spend more time with your doctor by offering extended office visits with same day or next day visits in-office or via telehealth. Office visits are unlimited at no additional cost and include convenient in-office testing and procedures. Healthcare providers are available to talk with you anytime in-office, via telehealth, phone or text. With an emphasis on preventive care, direct primary care can improve and impact your long term health.

Will I still need insurance? 

Our practice accepts all patients regardless of their insurance plan or status. Although we do not bill your insurance company directly for our services, we still encourage our patients to carry health insurance to help cover the cost of emergencies, hospitalizations, and specialist care.